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Music for video, television. radio, multimedia

About Isle of Skye

For over 45 years Isle of Skye Productions Inc has created product and content for radio, television, video and film.

Isle of Skye brings decades of industry experience in the creation of original programming as well as customized original music created for their projects, and content for other production houses.

Isle of Skye has a publishing arm – Isle of Skye Publishing – with a catalog of songs, instrumentals, and an extensive library of original background music.

Isle of Skye is a team of talented writers that cover all genres of music ranging from radio friendly pop and country songs – to film scores and jingles.

Isle of Skye and The Local Music Community

Working with the Musicians Association of Ottawa, Gatineau, and The Music Performance Trust Fund, and musicians and artist in our community to continue to bring live music, whether it be live in person, or live streamed to our area.



Isle of Skye will meet with you, physically or virtually, to discuss your musical needs. Check us out. Isle of Skye is the musical “key” to your success.

Theme for the War Amps film - Never Again

Joe Turner & Robin Moir

Never Again was written, performed and produced by Joe Turner and Robin Moir for the War Amps.

All rights in terms of copyright and distribution are owned by the War Amputations of Canada.

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