Wayne Rostad
Entertainer, singer/songwriter, storyteller and humorist


The Globe & Mail says Wayne Rostad is:

“ ... An endearing, talented man who looks to have been carved from the rock of the Canadian Shield and then smoothed a little by the summer winds off Lake Superior. His rapport with his subjects is rich and unaffected, and he seems an unabashed Celtic romantic."

For twenty years now, millions of Canadian viewers have tuned in to one of the most popular television shows in CBC history, the multi-Gemini award winning series, On the Road Again, hosted by charismatic star, Wayne Rostad. His fans have remained intensely loyal to him and to the show.

During these past two decades, Wayne has traveled Canada from sea to sea to sea, from Tuktoyuktuk in the high north, to the Pacific’s Queen Charlotte Islands to the might Atlantic’s rocky shores, criss-crossing the Canadian landscape week after week, seeking out thousands of ordinary Canadians who do the most extraordinary things.

In Wayne’s own words: “…I have traveled across Frobisher Bay with the Inuit, weaving between giant chards of frozen sea ice in a Komotik sled pulled by Eskimo dogs; walked with caribou on the Incognito Peninsula of Baffin Island and experience a silence so profound it was deafening; I have cried with a Haida chief over the loss of the mighty stands of timber in the rain forests of the Queen Charlotte Islands; rode with cowboys on the western plains; swam with a Beluga whale off the coast of Nova Scotia, kissing her on the forehead before leaving the water; shared a joke with many a Newfoundlander and Yukoner, laughing ‘til it hurt. Up in the Mackenzie Delta I laughed ‘til I cried with an elder of the G’wichin’ nation who told me a story in her native tongue, which I absolutely didn’t understand; and I have stood in awe of the majestic, snow-capped Rockies as eagles soared above me, feeling so blessed to be Canadian.”

His unique understanding and perspective of the Canadian mosaic and his profound understanding of its people makes him exceptional among Canadians. He’s been called ‘Mr. Canada’, and ‘Canada’s Storyteller’ based on his adventures and his deep knowledge of Canada’s geography, politics, people and places. When he meets up with his loyal fans on the road, they usually greet him the way they would a buddy – with something like, ‘…hey Wayne! How’s it going? Are you doing a story in our area? And Wayne always takes time to acknowledge their presence. He is truly a man of the people.

To quote the Edmonton Sun: "… If you took a poll to determine the most trusted man on current Canadian TV the smart money would be on Wayne Rostad."

His down-to-earth approach and powerful ability to communicate prompted the Montreal Gazette to write:
“… He’s the kind of fellow who would be pleasant company on a long drive, a fishing trip, or an afternoon telling lies and drowning beer in a tavern. Rostad has a natural spontaneous friendliness..."

In a recent article in Reader’s Digest an executive producer and long-time associate said:
“… Wayne has an ability to make people relax, to trust he’ll be respectful. That’s why, sometimes, they’’ tell him things they wouldn’t tell anyone else.”
The inspiring stories of Canadians that Wayne relates to audiences in his motivational talks and in his songs regale Canadians who have moved beyond fear; people who have turned dreams into reality.

His grandfather passed on the gift of storytelling to him, something learned while sitting on his Grandpa Joe’s knee, listening to the adventures of intrepid loggers and farmers who settled in the Ottawa Valley and nearby Gatineau Hills. Later, when Wayne began writing songs, they too, were stories about real people and the place he continues to call home, the Ottawa Valley. In 1996, when Wayne wrote about life on the road, his book, ‘On the Road Again with Wayne Rostad’ quickly became a Canadian best seller, which came as no surprise to his publisher, McClelland and Stewart.

What is so very special about Wayne Rostad today is that like most motivational speakers and entertainers he possesses the extraordinary ability to lift up, educate, charm, inspire and motivate his audience. His most powerful attribute is that each member of an audience is made to feel significant. Wayne has an immediate impact on a person’s morale and sense of self-worth. He makes one feel good about oneself

Wayne not only loves people, he loves humanity. He is a community activist who takes his civic duty and volunteerism to heart. He is the Honorary Chair of the Christmas Exchange, host of the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon, raising millions of dollars for The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. He also hosts the Ottawa Heart Institute Telethon, helping raise millions more for that facility.
Wayne is one of the longest-serving Honorary Colonels in the Canadian Armed Forces, representing 8th Air Maintenance Squadron based at CFB Trenton, the team that keeps Canada’s Hercules aircraft airworthy and ever ready to serve interests around the world.

His work in all areas of his life have garnered him many awards and honours. He has been inducted into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame; he is a Paul Harris Fellow; and a Judge Brian Stevenson Award recipient. He also has served as the Honorary Chair of the Christmas Exchange and is a Board member of various hospitals and charitable foundations.

In 2004, Wayne was awarded the Order of Canada for his strong commitment to the people in his own backyard and in communities across the country.

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