Sean Chhangur

Sean Chhangur is an accomplished musician and a singer/songwriter well on his way to becoming an independent artist and recording celebrity…he is also a multi-talented arranger. From his thoughtful and soul-searching songwriting to his sexy, soulful vocals, Sean Chhangur makes his audiences believe. He truly demonstrates an awesome scope of vocal and creative maturity and his songs reflect what he is, where he is going and who he may be taking along!

Some men have trouble saying what they feel, but Sean’s songs tell his story and the story of guys everywhere at some place and at some time in their lives. And what woman really doesn’t want to know how her man feels?

The very personal style of this independent artist is so genuine, exceptional and from-the-heart, that his listeners relate to him in a very personal way. They understand him, because they’ve been there too, yet Sean’s sound is unique and distinctly his own.

As a singer/songwriter Sean’s passion for music stretches from feel-good R&B, urban hip hop and pop to the earthy sophistication of jazz and soul. He brings incredible talent, knowledge and experience to his writing, and the result is an exciting and diverse blend of music that captures the artist and the man.
Sean and co writer Robin Moir began working together three years ago and together they have written songs in every genre imaginable…from the intimate pop-jazzy feel of My City at Christmas released by Chantal Knight, to the pop-rock anthem co written with Brea called The First Day of School.
In Sean’s own words… “I know what powerful influence music can be to me so it’s important that my songs reflect emotion, soul, musicality, and integrity; something the listeners can feel good about too.”

Sean Chhangur will be a featured artist on the CIP Radio broadcasts.

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