At Isle of Skye Productions our music publishing includes the songs of singer/songwriters, hip hop artists, pop artists, and pop rock artists. We are an independent publisher actively seeking publishing partnerships for our catalogue of great songs. 

The company manages the copyrights of all our independent artists as well as the music written and produced for our various television properties. 

One of our primary objectives is to sub-publish our current catalogue with strong, predominately independent sub-publishers. In doing so we gain partners who help Isle of Skye Productions liaise with foreign labels releasing our published artists. 

These publishing partners promote the works of our singer/songwriters and in general lead us in the direction of our strongest areas in terms of focused marketing and promotion. For a relatively small independent company with incredible artists and songs this is an invaluable resource. 

Isle of Skye Publishing is already established in the field of synchronization of music with television and film, and will continue to do so with even greater success because of the added songwriting arm of the company. Our singer/songwriters are featured in the CIP Radio programs along with other independent artists worldwide recording rap, hip hop, pop rock, R&B and soul

 The company is pro-active, seeking out co-writing opportunities for our singer/songwriters and pop artists. 

Picture of Brea and Braiden in the studio

Singer/SongwritersBrea and Braiden Turner at work in the studio writing their Canadian Red Cross RespectED anthem ….Black and Purple


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