about us

Isle of Skye Productions began as a music production company and has grown into a multi-format entertainment and content producer. We provide our clients with the following services.

Music Production

Artist Development

Artist Management

Music Publishing

Video Production 

Music Production consists of the writing and producing music for independent artists, CDs, television, film as well as PSAs and commercials for radio and television.

 Artist Development and Artist Management are areas of special interest at Isle of Skye Productions. We direct the professional careers of a select number of talented singer/songwriters.

 At Isle of Skye Productions our music publishing includes the songs of singer/songwriters, hip hop artists, pop artists, and pop rock artists as well as the music of our television, film and radio productions, our PSAs and our commercials We are an independent publisher actively seeking publishing partnerships for our catalogue of great songs.

 Our Video Production team creates story boards and writes, produces and directs our videos as well as our television productions.

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