Isle of Skye Productions was founded by musician/arranger/producer Joe Turner and singer/songwriter and producer Robin Moir. 

Isle of Skye Productions is a boutique music production house and music firm that works exclusively with singer/songwriters, pop artists and film, television and video producers. 

Over the years we have created CDs and music for hire of almost every conceivable type and genre and we are committed to the singer/songwriters and artists we work with and the companies we serve. 

Joe Turner and Robin Moir work with a team of accomplished musicians, singer/songwriters, arrangers and producers who keep the studios working overtime! 

This year we are excited to announce that music production will begin on the all-new CIP Radio program, hosted by British import Kit Windsor. 

Joe Turner and Robin Moir is currently at work with CDs in progress for independent artists and singer/songwriters, Alex Ryder, Sean Chhangur and Braiden Turner and pop artist Chantal Knight. 

In December, 2005 Brea’s CD/DVD Ready to Fly was released. The hip package, which contains a CD produced by Joe Turner and a stunning video/ DVD produced by Robin Moir is now in the hands of record execs in the US and Canada. Isle of Skye Productions is helping our partners to promote Brea  internationally.

Isle of Skye Productions has won countless awards for the music created in the studios and continues to work with and develop independent artists through the Launchpad Program as well as produce music and content for film, television and the internet. 

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