The Launchpad Program

Countdown to Success

At Isle of Skye Productions one of our most exciting offerings is, "The Launchpad Program". This exclusive program, created by our company, consists of more than a dozen guides, sample contracts, and industry specifics, which address the most common artist development and growth issues facing early stage singer/songwriters and entertainers.

Using the experience and the contacts we have gained in our years of business, we created “The Launchpad Program", to facilitate the progression of talented artist to music-business entrepreneur. We want our Launchpad clients, ready and able to compete and succeed in one of the most exciting business in the world.

The Launchpad Program has been designed especially for parents, kids and young artists, in fact anyone, who is looking at the music industry and entertainment business as a future business opportunity. The program is user friendly; created so that artists can follow a plan with ease.

Enrol in The Launchpad Program to find out how you can:
*Avoid costly mistakes by setting up your company as a legitimate business with accurate, up-to-the-minute information on licenses, trademarks, copyrights and taxes.
* Create dynamic business and marketing plans that keep you track-bound toward your professional goals.
* Assess your current marketing efforts to discover untried ways of locating and communicating with your unique market audience.
* Find and use the latest business management resources and training to help you work smarter not harder.

The Launchpad Program consists of detailed written guides, examples and precedents which address the most common entertainment business issues facing young and emerging independent artists.

Each document clearly explains the objective of the exercise, and provides practical advice and examples on how to attain the objective. The documents are written in a “young style” easy to read and easy to understand.

The Launchpad Program guides young artists and their parents through the early stages of artist development and prepares them for the exhilarating business ahead. It is important at every stage to remember that music is a business!

But most importantly - The Launchpad Program is one on one. Clients meet with our company professionals who act as mentors so that they can move through the program– as they move toward their new business goals.

Below is a quick guide to The Launchpad Program!

Launchpad Program
Destination –Stardom

Package A
1 -Music Is A Business
(An overview - Supporting industry documents facts and figures)
2- Thinking of yourself as a Business
(How your thinking predetermines success outcomes)
3- Setting up your Music Business
(Supporting industry documents facts and figures)
4- Preparing Your Business Plan
(Three year Plan – start up, website, goals etc.)
5-Evaluating Your Talent
(Overview of the artist – where in the business to position them)
6-Pinpointing your musical genre
7-Creating a “look”
8- Creating a press Kit
9- How to Get Solicited.
10- How to send your Demo Package.
11- What is a Music Publisher?
12- What is a Personal Manager?
13- What is a Contractor?
14- The Mentoring Network
(Access to Isle of Skye’s dedicated network of artists, writers, producers, editors and musicians)
15- How to develop your Marketing Plan.
16- Various Music Industry Contracts

Package B
1- How to write a Hit Song in 10 easy steps
Students work with a mentor
2- Writing a song
Students write with a mentor
3- Learn how to sing – Learn how to practice
4 – Learning Recording Techniques
Students work in the studio environment to learn recording techniques
5- Recording a CD demo of your original song...for a CIP Radio broadcast!

Package C
1 - How to do a television/radio interview
Students work with an interview specialist and learn how to speak to camera, and answer questions.
2- How to choose the right kind video for your song
Work one on one with a Video Producer
3- How to make a demo video of your song
4- Create a music video that reflects your image, sound, and music… so that we can put your video up on the Isle of Skye Productions site and show your talent to the world...and remember a picture is worth a thousand words!

The Launchpad Program team suggests that all students begin with Package A, and not jump ahead. The foundation of success begins with the little steps taken in the first package.
For more info contact:
Office: 613-823-3887


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