The Jaguars is Ottawa’s newest and most accomplished party band, formed under the leadership of Joe Turner, formerly of FIZZ.

The Jaguars are dedicated to the art of entertaining audiences of all types. Whether it be concerts, conventions, wedding receptions, or specialty parties, The Jaguars add the sparkle and fun!

The Jaguars features JOE TURNER on guitar and vocals, DAVE ARTHUR on bass and vocals, FRED PANTALONE on drums, BRAIDEN TURNER on keyboards and vocals, and our exciting lead vocalists, ROBIN MOIR and ALEX RYDER.

What is so special about The Jaguars is the band’s great versatility. For crowds who want to hear the sound of the big bands and swing bands we can add our brass section MIKE MULLIN on sax, and CHRIS LANE on trumpet. And for audiences who want high-techno and hip-hop we’ve got The Jaguars’ young vocalist/ keyboardist BRAIDEN TURNER. Just tell us what you need and we can mix and match the instruments and voices to suit your party, prom or special event.

This talented group of artists performs all styles of music from the ‘40’s right up to 2006 and today’s top 40. The members of The Jaguars have been featured in many high profile concerts and television presentations, including Parliament Hill on Canada Day and The Parliamentary Ball at Government House.



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