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Before forming Isle of Skye Productions, both Joe Turner and singer/songwriter and producer Robin Moir were part of a number of extremely popular bands. The busiest and most well-known of these bands was a group called Fizz! 

The band began in the early 1980’s and played parties and conventions of every sort. Fizz and their sister band, The Cadillacs, entertained at bar mitzvahs, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, telethons, Conservative, Liberal and NDP conventions, high tech conventions, outdoor concerts and everything in between! 

Because of that deep experience in the party and convention world both Robin and Joe are experts when it comes to putting together party music for any kind of event. 

Robin Moir has now formed Ottawa’s newest and best party band ever! The Jaguars! The new band is a blend of the finest and most experienced musicians and singers around. Nothing makes a party like party music, and there’s no party music like The Jaguars. 

And for parties for kids, teens and school dances, singer/songwriter and musician Braiden Turner developed the DJ Divas and these gals won’t let the party music ever stop! 

With a repertoire of contemporary hits, the DJ Divas are on the move! What is so new and exciting is that for the first time, babes are rockin’ the house! 

For your next party check out The Jaguars and DJ Divas!!


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