Christmas In the Valley has become a remarkable story in the Ottawa Valley. Singer/songwriter and television host Wayne Rostad,  has written what has become a Christmas classic with his wonderful song, Christmas In The Valley. 

 Since it was first written in the mid- 80’s Christmas In The Valley has sold over 45 thousand copies and earned more than $800,000.00 dollars for charity. These charities include, CHEO, The Christmas Exchange and CF. 

It all began with CKBY radio who for many years, in association with Wayne, produced a seasonal selection of Christmas music with Wayne’s Christmas In The Valley as the title song…with proceeds going to CHEO.  

When CKBY made the transition toY105 the project came to an end…but the requests for more Christmas In The Valley continued to deluge Wayne Rostad, his CBC television producers at On the Road Again, and his music producer Joe Turner. Fans of Christmas In The Valley refused to take no for an answer! 

So… in 2003 Wayne and Joe got together and Wayne’s first solo Christmas CD, Christmas In The Valley was produced and in 2004 The Story of Christmas In The Valley featuring a full-track music video of the song as well as an intimate unplugged version was produced by Robin Moir.  The DVD also features insightful interviews with the key players who helped make Christmas In The Valley such a success! Most endearing are Wayne’s memories of the show and of what Christmas has come to mean to him.

In association with all of our partners including the Macs Convenience Stores in the Ottawa Valley and CD Warehouse the sales have been phenomenal… and for the past 3 years Christmas In The Valley has been the top selling CD of the Christmas season, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping!!




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