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At Isle of Skye Productions we specialize in the production of independent artists, and independent CD releases. We also work with a team of singer/songwriters and pop artists…and now we’re a radio station!

Isle of Skye Productions is proud to announce the launch of the Canadian Independent Podcast Radio broadcast or CIP Radio. The first broadcast will air Sunday, March 5th at midnight. 

Along with host, British import Kit Windsor, CIP Radio will feature independent artists musicians, singers and bands from around the world…and we’ll be playing close attention to the artists from Canada, Great Britain and Australia! 

CIP Radio and all of the other podcasts worldwide offer listeners the opportunity to hear fabulous music not available to them on corporately owned and operated radio stations. 

For the first time in the history of recorded and marketed music, companies like CIP Radio have the chance to be able to play music of every genre and the songs of artists we discover! From rap to rock, from jazz to pop, from hip hop to punk, from grunge to gospel. If the independent artists and bands are out there creating it, we’ll be playing it! 

 Singer/songwriters, and bands from everywhere around the globe will find a home on CIP Radio…and look for their CDs in the Such Music store. 

Stay tuned! CIP Radio airs March 5th, at midnight!




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