chantal Chantal Knight

Chantal Knight is an independent artist and a diva in waiting. She is a multi-talented, multi-faceted singer/songwriter destined for greatness. The soul of this teen artist can be heard in each song that she sings, and her complete mastery of her gift is remarkable, for someone so young.
Chantal demonstrated her extraordinary musical abilities early in life. She began singing at the age of four and her gift developed and evolved quickly so that by her pre teen years when she first met producer Robin Moir, she was singing constantly, winning vocal competitions and honing her craft as a singer/songwriter.
This past Christmas she released her first extended play CD entitled My City at Christmas. It received immediate airplay, and the CD sold out. Chantal’s evocative rendition of the song written by singer/songwriter Sean Chhangur and Robin Moir, demonstrated to producer Joe Turner that here was an independent artist with unlimited possibilities.
Chantal Knight is a hip hop, hip pop artist who uses blues and funk to punctuate her music. Her charm, beauty and poise combined with her astonishing voice leave audiences stunned. The complexity and range of her vocals are amazing!  Like many other independent artists, Chantal Knight has an enthusiastic and loyal fan base. They make it a point to come out to each and every gig!  
Chantal began work on her debut full-length CD this past September and she has recorded her first track with producer Joe Turner. She will be a featured artist on the CIP Radio broadcasts.



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