Diggin’ The Rideau Canal
as recorded by Robin Averill, celebrates the rich Irish heritage of one of Canada’s greatest treasures …the Rideau Canal….and honours its past, present and future.




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Robin Averill

Robin Averill

Born and raised in Ireland with an Irish song in his heart, Robin Averill began his musical career as young boy. After a number of years as a lead vocalist with many high-profile Irish show bands, he came to Canada in the early seventies with his young wife Margaret and their three small sons.


Since that time, Robin Averill has become one of Canada’s most popular Irish singer/songwriters. Every inch a Celtic troubadour, Robin has performed in concert halls and at festivals and fairs from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

One of his most memorable performances was the time that he was joined on stage by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and President Ronald Regan to sing When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.

Every year since first coming to Canada Robin has traveled back to Ireland to visit with his mother, brothers and sisters and always with an ear to the music of Ireland. This past year, he toured Ireland with some the most popular British and Irish acts from the 60’s.

Robin has just released his newest CD entitled The Green, Green Valley. What distinguishes this CD from other Irish recordings is the Canadian connection to Ireland, about which very little has surfaced in music and song. Included on the CD is the unforgettable Diggin’ the Rideau Canal, written by singer/songwriter Robin Moir, who has deep Irish roots as well.

Diggin’ the Rideau Canal was first written to accompany footage shot for a Rideau Canal segment for the National CBC weekend television series …Cottage Country. The song received so much attention that when Robin was looking for songs to sing …Diggin’ the Rideau Canal …a song about his Irish ancestors was a natural.