brea Brea

Brea is a multi-talented singer/songwriter and musician. She is a refreshing, young country artist who explores the joys and uncertainties of her generation in her inspiring songs. Who hasn’t felt misunderstood and undervalued; – who hasn’t lost a love only to find another and live to write a country song about it? Brea’s body of work reflects her personal search for meaning, and her uplifting songs coupled with her dynamically sensitive voice make her an original. Try to mesh country, pop and a little rock, and you'll have an inkling of this young lady's style.

Brea was singing before she could talk and her taste in music is varied … thanks to a musical family! Mom likes rock classics, Dad likes easy listening, and Bro is into Punk. Brea started singing country when she was eleven and she’s never looked back. She has been working the local music scene for the past eight years and now has an impressive list of venues where she performs.

Her extraordinary vocals, her passion and her unique writing style put her in a class all her own. In her short career she has gained a loyal following of fans that identify with the things that have become important to her. Busloads of her fans packed the auditorium for her video concert scene, and cheered and sang along to her songs. She and one of her writing partners, Braiden Turner, have become the official spokespersons for the Canadian Red Cross’ RespectED program and their song Black and Purple is the theme song.

As Brea says, ‘My dream is not about the fame and fortune, I think it’s more about doing the thing that I love most in the world …ever since I was a little girl, I was singing…and if I want to sing for the rest of my life, why not make it a career, right? … so that I can do the thing that I love, for my whole entire life…and learn to be good at it everyday.

Brea has dedicated much of her childhood to music and wouldn't change a thing. She has accomplished more than some people only dream of and if you ask her she’ll tell you … it’s been worth every second."

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