braiden Braiden Turner             

She is a songwriter. She is a musician. She is a singer. Braiden Turner is a young and talented artist in the middle of writing a story of her own. She has the rare gift of musicianship, vocal-ease and songwriting abilities that make her unique for her age.

Born into a musical family, Braiden demonstrated her special musical gifts early in life. She began piano lessons at the age of six, and continues her classical lessons today.

While her studies in piano gave her the skills to play, it was her creative soul that inspired her to begin songwriting. This year she joined forces with Breanne Lawrenson to write songs for Breanne’s new CD – Ready to Fly. One of their songs, Black and Purple has become the theme song for the Canadian Red Cross’ anti-bullying campaign. The national PSA will air September 2007.
Braiden’s assured, confident music and lyrics, come straight from the teen world that she lives every day. Her themes of first loves, hard times, tough breaks, peer pressures and even first cars….echo the lives of her generation. Braiden’s music strikes the perfect balance between attitude and innocence, which is what Braiden is all about.


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