alex Alex Ryder             

Singer/Songwriter and guitarist Alex Ryder began working with music producer Joe Turner a few years ago. After leaving her sport due to injury, Alex wanted to go into the studio to discover whether she could have a future as an independent artist. The result was a definite YES! Joe produced a demo CD that proved to everyone who heard it that Alex Ryder belongs in the entertainment business. The CD is called Because I Said So and that really says it all.

Like many other independent artists, Alex Ryder has developed a large fan base intrigued by her sound and her soul. She is a black artist with a groove all her own…doin’ the funky between rock and hip hop and right now she is in the studio writing and recording her debut CD due out in the fall of 2006.

Along with singer/songwriters who are part of the Isle of Skye Production team… Sean Chhangur, Robin Moir, Braiden Turner, Dave Poulin…Alex is developing a cool sound unique to herself. Her new material is hip and works on a groove that’ll rock the charts.



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